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Real-Time VIIRS

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True Color
Active Fires
Cloud Phase
Aerosol Suspended Matter Type
Aerosol Particle Size
Aerosol Optical Thickness
Land Surface Temperature
Sea Surface Temperature
        VIIRS True Color Image 

VIIRS direct broadcast at Oregon State University using IPOPP
Our history

We have been collecting and processing direct broadcast oceanic satellite data at Oregon State University since early 2001.  Our large satellite dish tracks satellites as they fly overhead. We then use NASA software to process the data into scientific products. 

In October 2011 a new sensor (VIIRS) was launched aboard the Suomi NPP (Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership) satellite. VIIRS is the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite.

To process the VIIRS data, a dedicated team at NASA has produced a new software package called IPOPP (International Polar Orbiter Processing Package).  It is very simple to use, and produces ocean, land and atmospheric products such as sea surface temperature, active fires and aerosols.  As an IPOPP alpha test site, we have this software running in real-time.  VIIRS data and images output from IPOPP can be accessed using the links to the left.

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